Molded Plastic Ragglestick Cradles


Molded Plastic Ragglesticks” are packaging products that were developed during 25 years of constantly working to eliminate packaging problems, with the sole objective of making better, longer lasting, denser packages for plastic tubular products. They are very well suited to be used in the packaging of sewer and water main PVC pipe, although applications are not limited to this usage.

Rolled Products stacked
Rolled Products stacked
12 inch pipe stacked
    Pipe Stacking

“Plastic Ragglesticks” are molded from PVC tubes to closely conform to the curvature of the product being packaged. They are used in both vertical and horizontal modes, if the product being packaged requires that much restraint and rigidity. “Plastic Ragglestick cradles” have been used to ship more than 1 Billion pounds of D-3034 Pipe ranging in sizes 3 ” through 24″. They have performed extremely well and are a proven contributor to the bottom line of the income statement, by providing freight savings, virtually no training time, and less in-plant maintenance costs on packaging equipment. There are no containment frames, no carts, and no packaging frames required when using “Plastic Ragglesticks”. A fixture to hold the first layer of pipe in position is the total outlay for equipment.

We believe that the “Plastic Ragglestick” is the most innovative, most cost-effective product ever developed for packaging tubular products. The design was uniques enough to be granted a U.S. Patent, back in 1999.

To be used effectively requires only minimal skills and practically no training time. The Ragglesticks naturally guide the packager to how and where they should be placed and a knowledge of adequate strapping tension is quickly acquired. They are a production supervisor’s answer to how best to utilize entry-level labor skills. (Watch The Video)

In the interest of providing you with a rapid changeover to Plastic Ragglesticks, we provide packaging instructions based on what we have learned, knowing that you, the customer, will find additional and different ways of using the “Plastic Ragglestick.” We are committed to helping you use them in any way that best fits your packaging needs.

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Ragglestick original Patent
Original Patent