Packaging Other Cylindrical Products
with Ragglesticks

PVC RAGGLESTICKS are suitable for additional applications, in addition to pipe stacks.
They have been used as cradles for stacking paper rolls, plastic sheeting rolls and other cylindrical products. 

Our customers continue to find new and innovative applications for Ragglesticks.
We like to see what you can use them for.

“ Send us a photo of your cylinders and how they are packaged and we will give you free samples to see how creative you can be using Ragglesticks”

Roll-Up DoorsThis is one of our newer applications.
Roll-Up Doors

Additional Stacking Applications

  • Fabric roll cradles
  • Cylindrical filter stacking
  • Mufflers
  • Rolled films
  • Paper rolls
  • Tape roll cradles
  • Vinyl rolls
  • Roll-up Garage Doors
  • Carpet Roll stacking
  • Aluminum Poles
  • Plastic fencing
Other Advantages

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Inexpensive for us to make new tooling for your product
  • Better for exporting products (wood  would need pretreatment)
  • Lightweight
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reusable
  • Sturdy

From 4 inch cylindrical products to 24 Inches – Indoor and Outdoor storage – Ragglesticks may be your best solution
Call Us For a Sample and to discuss your application.

A short gallery of examples

Cores stacked on ragglesticksFilm-Rolls-4-notch-ragglestick
Wrapped Rolls in storageMufflers stacked on ragglesticks
Rolled Products stackedLayer of crosses small

Here are standard Sizes for Ragglesticks
We are always able to tweak these for your particular application,
or design a custom size cradle.

SizeNumber of saddles
4 inch9 to 12
6 inch6 to 8
8 inch4 to 6
10 inch3 to 5
12 inch3 to 4
15 inch2 to 3


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