Pipe Cradles

Ragglestick cradles allow for much more efficient packaging of pipe and other cylindrical products

21 pipes
Pipe in a triangle stack
Here is a diagram of a
stack of 21 pipes in
a pyramid stack
36 pipes
square stack with ragglesticks
Same base with but 36 stacked squarely one on top of the other. Made possible
with ragglesticks between each row.

36 pipes versus 21 – 71% more in the same footprint using the patented ragglesticks!


Roll SizeRowsPyramid TotalSquare TotalPercentage IncreaseRectangular
Percent Increase


Click here for available standard sizes


efficient rectangular stack of pipe

PVC RAGGLESTICKS allow pyramid stack to be changed into square stacks or rectangular stacks at significant increases in payloads. They also may permit double stacking of skids. Ship more pipe per truckload.

There are other benefits which will accrue to you which are hard to put a dollar value on, such as no packaging frames needed to build bundles, easier to teach new employees your packaging design, no waste from rotting or breaking lumber, positive printed identification of size, easier to do mixed size loads, etc.


You do not have a choice about shipping air on the
inside of pipes, but you do on the outside.

PVC Ragglesticks are thinner so you can stack the
layers of pipe closer and ship more per bundle.

ragglestick over pipeperforated pipe stacked
stacked fittingsgreen sewer pipe stack
12''pipe in progress8'' x 48' truckload stacked
expensive to ship airragglesticks are thinner

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