Ragglestick versus pulp fiber cradles

Pulp Fiber Cradle Separator Failure

It’s a good thing we don’t ship pipe with pulp fiber separators

“Pulp Paper Separator Pipe Packaging Test”

First we stacked 8″ PVC Pipe with the use of Fiber Ragglesticks (pulp fiber cradles).

molded fiber cradles test

Pulp Fiber Separator could not hold a
static load of relatively light weight pipe.pulp fiber cradle fail

Our Fence!yikes our fence

Obviously pipe stacking is not a great application for molded pulp fiber separators,
even with PVC pipe which is relatively light weight, compared to steel pipe.
There are many applications molded fiber separators are good for.
Of course, PVC Ragglesticks can also be used for many of those applications, with greater durability.

high stacked pipes
PVC Pipe stacked with ragglesticks

Fiber cradles have many application, some of which may be better suited to Ragglesticks.

Ragglesticks are more durable, they can last forever, and are reusable.

See This page  for applications where ragglesticks have been used where traditionally fiber cradles may have been used previously.

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